Capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen?
Sep 16,2019
The technology behind the resistive touch panel is pretty straight forward:
The panel is made out of a glass screen and a film screen, which are separated by a little gap. Inside the gap, on each screen, there's a film layer which contains electrodes. When the film screen is touched with a finger or any other type of object, it bends. When bending, the two electrode films connect, which generates a current flow.
A resistive touchscreen will register input from gloved or ungloved fingers because they do not require the touch of a special stylus or bare finger like capacitive touchscreens do. A resistive touchscreen can also register input from a fine point of contact because it offers more sensors per inch than a capacitive touchscreen.

A capacitive touch screen comprises two layers of glass, coated with a conductor agent, like iridium tin oxide. The conductor agent reacts to the touch of a human finger or special-tipped stylus on the screen. This causes a change in the local electrostatic field and indicates to the system exactly which area, number, or icon on the screen has been touched. A capacitive touchscreen also supports multi-touch—e.g., simultaneous pressing on an icon and enlargement of an image on the screen.
Touts a higher degree of contrast. A capacitive touchscreen can be seen more easily.
Facilitates more accurate input. Because there is little or no leeway for the capacitive touchscreen system to interpret input inaccurately, the potential for errors—whether in transaction or in customer order detail—is minimized.

Owing to their increasing use in devices, the demand for these displays is high. Thus, it is easy to find them in different configurations, sizes, and types. Before making a decision, it is important to know the different types of touch panel displays available for your consideration.

Considering the important role they play, it is essential that you source them from a reliable touch screen manufacturer like Sinocrystal Technology. Over the years, the company has pioneered LCD technology, and is today counted among one of the leading LCD touch panel manufacturers in China. The company has been providing quality-driven resistive and capacitive touch panels in the highest standards to its clients across industries such as automotive, industrial, medical, consumer electronics, security and financial.


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